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Our trained music therapists work at the Bristol Children’s Hospital, providing music therapy to patients and their families. The therapists work on the neonatal intensive care unit supporting the babies and their families through their stay.

How does music therapy help in Neo-natal intensive care?

Being on the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) can be distressing for a baby and their parents. Our music therapists support the baby and family through this stage by playing music, creating sounds and singing songs to sooth and calm.  

Parents can get involved in singing or making sounds which will help them to form a special bond with their baby. This music can be carried with them once their baby has left NICU. 

Music therapy is recognised as a positive intervention for babies on the neo-natal ward and many studies have been done to show how it benefits patients and their families. We are very proud to have trained and experienced music therapists who work on NICU and we are extremely grateful to The Grand Appeal for funding this work.

If you would like further information on our work on NICU or more widely across Bristol Children’s Hospital. Please get in touch.

”After a very traumatic birth, we were told that our son was at risk of developing cerebral palsy during the first two years of his life. As a professional musician, I knew that music was a powerful tool and I wanted to engage with him musically. However, I was suffering from the trauma of the birth; I felt numb and found that I didn’t know where or how to start. I was so lucky to have a session with one of the MusicSpace therapists, who gently guided me. Through our subsequent sessions, I found a special space to bond with my baby, and to work through some of the feelings of the trauma and separation, for which I am very grateful.“
Mother of baby who was on the neo-natal intensive care unit

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