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Mental Health

Childhood can be a challenging time. Every day there are new experiences that can trigger anxious feelings; adjusting to new people or environments, building relationships, or maybe there are changing circumstances or transitions that are hard.

For children who have additional needs – physical disabilities or learning difficulties – then dealing with emotions and navigating feelings of anxiety or stress can be more challenging.

Music therapy can provide a safe place to explore feelings and help children manage their anxiety. It can give children a way to communicate their feelings without the need to use words.

Our trained music therapists will work with children on a one to one basis and through their relationship can help children develop relaxation techniques that work for them. They can also provide a safe space in which a child can identify their emotions and start to develop coping skills to manage their anxiety or other stressful emotions.

"P was a frightened rabbit in the headlights when she first came to music therapy. She was frightened by the new environment and anxious about making music. In particular she wanted to sing but was acutely embarrassed / overwhelmed by the prospect. Due to Simon’s patience and quiet respectful care, P grew in confidence week by week until she was singing and making songs and a “pop video”. P found her voice and was so happy and proud of herself. Music therapy started when she was having a mental health crisis which it has helped her come out of. It has been the highlight of her week and something she has been passionate about and felt good at whilst she has felt a failure in other parts of her life – she is not attending school due to anxiety. Simon is amazing!"
Mother of 9 year old with ASD, OCD and anxiety