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Global Developmental Delay

We work with children with a mild learning disability and those with profound and complex needs.

For children with global developmental delay it can be hard to learn, understand and communicate with others. They can also experience frustration, anxiety and unhappiness. Music therapy can support the child physically and emotionally without the need for words. 

Music therapists will respond to the individual child and focus on their particular needs. Depending on the individual some of the benefits of music therapy can be:

  • Developing communication & language – a child can learn to communicate through music, listening and responding to the therapist. 
  • Developing physical skills – playing with instruments and responding to music can help with developing co-ordination, gripping, moving and balancing. 
  • Developing social and emotional skills – music therapy can help with social skills such as turn taking, decision making. It can help support a child emotionally by developing confidence and giving them a safe space to explore and express their feelings.


If you would like to find out more about how music therapy can support a child with global developmental delay or with a learning disability, please contact us.

"Since she began music therapy T's teacher has said T has been doing well at school and has been able to sit and write her school work with less assistance. She's been very happy and more relaxed at home as well."
Mother of 5 year old with global developmental delay