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Early Years

Music therapy with young children offers opportunities to support them early in life. Young children respond to music and enjoy playing, moving and making sounds.

Music therapy can help with the development of both verbal and non-verbal communication skills such as turn-taking, eye contact, listening and concentration. Early intervention can also support a child’s social and emotional development, building their self-esteem and confidence. These skills contribute not only to their well-being, but also provide the foundations for the child to grow and develop in all areas of their lives.

Our trained music therapists work with young children at our Bristol centre and in other early years groups across the region. The therapists will work with the children on a one to one or group basis using a variety of hand held percussion instruments, piano, guitar and voice. Every child will respond in a unique way, creating sounds and music which the therapists then respond to. 

“R really enjoyed his sessions with Julia. He loved exploring the different instruments and feeling each one, now he calls anything stick shaped a 'beater', he loved the beater! He has a short concentration span but it was really great to see him enjoying himself and learning at the same time."
Mother of 4 year old with visual impairment