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Brain Injury and Neuro Disability

Music therapy provides support to people with brain injury or neuro disability. For people who have experienced a sudden trauma music therapy can support them through their physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation.

For people living with a long term neuro condition we use music to support a person at an individual level, responding to what they can do. Music opens up a space for people to respond and make sounds and rhythm, supported by a trained music therapist. It can provide an opportunity for self-expression and communication, a space to be creative.

Our music therapists work with people at our Bristol centre and in residential settings and have a lot of experience of working with people with brain injury and neuro disability. 

We also have trained neurologic music therapists. Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is an evidence-based treatment model that uses standardised, research-based techniques to treat the brain using music and rhythm. The Neurologic Music Therapist uses standardised techniques to achieve non-musical goals such as speech, physical movement, cognition and other functional abilities.

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