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"A has definitely improved in verbal communication, eye contact and ability to engage with others. I feel this therapy has helped her so much and she has had fun too!"
Mother of 5 year old with ASD
“T has loved the sessions with Simon. Over the weeks T's communication and speech have definitely improved and become much clearer. He has enjoyed playing all of the different instruments and singing with Simon. I have loved listening to the sessions each week. And I have been moved to tears on several occasions listening to T having such a lovely and fun time with Simon. Thank you so so much. A fantastic experience for T and me!”
Parent of 3 year old with developmental delay
“After a very traumatic birth, we were told that our son was at risk of developing cerebral palsy during the first two years of his life. As a professional musician, I knew that music was a powerful tool and I wanted to engage with him musically.

However, I was suffering from the trauma of the birth; I felt numb and found that I didn't know where or how to start. I was so lucky to have a session with one of the MusicSpace therapists, who gently guided me. Through our subsequent sessions, I found a special space to bond with my baby, and to work through some of the feelings of the trauma and separation, for which I am very grateful.”
Mother of 2 year old
“P was a frightened rabbit in the headlights when she first came to music therapy. She was frightened by the new environment and anxious about making music. In particular she wanted to sing but was acutely embarrassed/ overwhelmed by the prospect.

Due to Simon's patience and quiet respectful care, P grew in confidence week by week until she was singing and making songs and a "pop video". P found her voice and was so happy and proud of herself. Music therapy started when she was having a mental health crisis which it has helped her come out of. It has been the highlight of her week and something she has been passionate about and felt good at …”
Mother of 9 year old with ASC, OCD and anxiety
”Music sessions are my favourite thing! I love playing music. Thank you music man!"
4 year old with learning difficulties and visual impairment


“I would also like to thank you for the brilliant service you provide. It's so important to schools to have high quality services to refer into. It has been a pleasure to see the amazing impact your work has had on some of our most vulnerable young people.”
primary school
“We're really pleased with everything that Marcus is doing. He involves everyone and is amazing with all the guys.”
Senior Carer
a residential HOME for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs
“I'm so glad we found MusicSpace!”
Secondary School
“...music therapy gave him a release from the pressures of school. Now he is in year three (but with global learning delay) he is constantly needing to be reminded to stay on task, sit still, do his work etc and music just gives him the space to release and unwind!"
Teacher of 8 year old child with Global Development Delay
“What I noticed is how C responds to the freedom of the session. Inevitably the structure of school leads to so many instructions and C finds this so hard in comparison to most of his peers.The music therapy affords him time when he can choose, he can lead the decision making and he can feel in control. There is nobody telling him what to do and all his choices can be positive ones that are celebrated and praised. It is also a privilege for me to be able to watch him in the sessions and see him progress in terms of confidence, bravery to try new things and his ease with his therapist. He has relaxed and is very happy to go to MusicSpace.
LSA of 7 year old with autism

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