intergnerational music making
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Intergenerational project

We’re celebrating intergenerational week and MusicSpace is in the middle of a wonderful music therapy project bringing together older people in a residential home with some year 5 children at the local primary school. While the project is on hold for the moment, we wanted to share with you some of the lovely experiences we have had so far.

We held our music therapy sessions in the residential home. We brought with us a good supply of handheld percussion instruments, a fantastic music therapist Jane and a group of lovely year five children to join the older people to make music.

Between them they created some amazing sounds! They also created a sense of shared community bridging the gap between generations and brightening people’s day.

Quote from the older participants: “It made me feel alive again!” “It was lovely meeting the children!”

We know that music can have a positive impact on people’s lives. And for one child with ADHD having the chance to join the music sessions made a big impact, giving him the space to focus on music making and engaging with others around him.

Through music you can have a shared experience, create unlikely friendships and bring people together. Music can make a difference!

We look forward to restarting this project sometime in the future.

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