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BBC Children in Need project

We are delighted at the response we have had to our Children in Need project offering 10 individual music therapy sessions for children with a wide range of needs at our Southville Centre at a cost of £5 per session. Thanks to an amazing grant of £69,694k over the next three years from BBC Children in Need, we will be able to continue offering these blocks of sessions to families until April 2022.

The feedback from the families who have been involved in the project so far has been overwhelmingly positive. In the words of one parent: ‘I think Tess has benefited hugely from having music therapy! We feel very lucky that she has had the opportunity to have these sessions, as music has always been very therapeutic for her. Everyone who knows Tess noted a difference in her from having those sessions – she is much more focused in school and I feel better able to deal with her emotions. Music is her way to express herself – I’d love to see it more widely available’. 

If you know a child who would benefit from a block of 10 individual music therapy sessions at MusicSpace at the Southville Centre, please do email us at or give us a ring on 0117 9531731 and we will send you a referral form.

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